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Working towards true representation for armed forces personnel

Welcome to British Armed Forces Federation - BAFF - the only independent representative all-ranks staff association open to serving members of any branch of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force, including the reserves. All UK forces personnel of any rank are eligible to join and, as BAFF is not a political organisation, to take an active part in its activities if they like. Former regular or reserve forces personnel are also welcome.

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Armed forces personnel and the 'right to strike'

map of 47 Council of Europe membersIn our 2011 article Armed Forces Trade Unions? we said, firstly, that based on many surveys and our own consultations with serving personnel, we did not consider that traditional trade union status was the appropriate format for an armed forces representative body. Secondly that in any case, armed forces representative bodies in other advanced countries don't go on strike, and this includes those which are registered trade unions.

Might this be about to change in at least some European countries? BAFF has learned that the Council of Europe has published (7 June 2019) a puzzling and unhelpful decision by its European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) in a case brought against Italy relating to members of the Guardia di Finanza, a law enforcement agency which is "militarised" but does not come under the country's Ministry of Defence.

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BAFF in the news

Man reading a newspaper on fire to illustrate BAFF in the NewsJun 2019

06 - BAFF spokesman Adrian Weale was interviewed about D Day and what has changed for today’s forces veterans. He said that while not every veteran needed help, some did and their needs had become to an extent neglected during the Cold War. While more provision had been made through charities there was a need for ring-fenced funding through a separate department.

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BAFF Quotes

A developing set of quotes collected by British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) about representation for armed forces personnel, transition, the service complaints system, electoral participation, and other topics.

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