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4000 personnel selected for Tranche 2 Redundancy Programme

If you were one of those informed today that you have been selected for redundancy, we hope that it was the outcome you wanted.

As you know, the notification letter contains full information on next steps, and explain where you can find further advice.

If you are looking for 'advice' or information outside the official system, you might like to keep an eye on this section of the Army Rumour Service (ARRSE):

All 'advice' is for you to compare and consider, but this is an example, posted on ARRSE this morning by the excellent 'Paymaster' -

Now that you have had the good/awful news you need to grip the procedure quickly so that you can get the very best from the system.

You should access JPA and read the Redundancy Administration section of the Self Service Guide, make sure that your Unit HR change your termination date on JPA, this will trigger a number of other processes. You will also need to keep checking your Workflow on the JPA system as much of the detail of your departure and Resettlement will be sent to you on the Workflow system. Also please read and adhere to the Tranche 2: Key Dates and Events document which will guide you through the more important events in the Redundancy procedure.

Other points you should action now include;

· Immediately contact the IERO to arrange an initial Resettlement interview.
· If you need to, submit a preference for a Final Tour of Duty (FTOD) location using JPA Form JPA 024, in order to establish your entitlement. Applicants must submit their requests by 3 Jul 12, Non-Applicants by 10 Aug 12.
· If in MQ or SSFA or SSSA warn off the HIC or Countrywide that you will be vacating your property, you should have done this by 26 Jun 12.
· If you are an LSAP recipient; arrange to repay the outstanding debt either by a cheque or from your Terminal Benefits.
· If you are a CEA claimant immediately give notice to your children’s’ schools however if they are within 2 years of taking GCSEs/A Levels or Scottish equivalents please talk to your desk officer.

· The deadline for submitting an appeal to your CO against selection for redundancy is 11 Jul 12.

· Complete PEN FORM 1 on JPA which will ensure your Pension is paid correctly, before 30 Oct 12 for applicants and before 29 Apr 13 for Non-Applicants.

We understand that this will be a difficult and stressful time for you but please remember that Unit HR is here to assist you and to guide you through the process so please stay in close contact with your desk officer.

You can find that post at Tr2 Next Actions for Redundees

If anyone wishes to suggest any other public sources of info which would be useful to so-called 'redundees', please let us know using the site contact form.

The rough figures for Tranche 2 are:

  • RN/RM making approximately 170 personnel redundant, of whom about 120 (72 per cent) are applicants and 50 (28 per cent) non-applicants.
  • Army making approximately 2,900 personnel redundant, of whom approximately 2,100 (72 per cent) are applicants and 800 (28 per cent) non-applicants.
  • RAF making approximately 730 personnel redundant, of whom approximately 515 (71 per cent) are applicants and 215 (29 per cent) non-applicants.

The Ministry of Defence says that this will be the last major tranche of redundancies for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force.

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