Thursday, June 13, 2024

This is an ARCHIVED article at Information and links may well be out of date.

The Sun reports that volunteer members of the armed forces will be working as security staff at the London Olympics. It appears that, in a similar arrangement as that for forces personnel assisting at Wimbledon, they will be paid by the MoD as normal during the period of duty. Supposedly, one difference from Wimbledon is that they would be wearing civilian security staff uniform. From the newspaper:

 MORE than 6,000 off-duty British troops will be drafted in to help guard the London Olympics, The Sun can revea

The huge volunteer army of squaddies will help more than DOUBLE security at venues next summer.

London mayor Boris Johnson hailed the deal which will see thousands of Our Boys and Girls being given time out from their military duties while still receiving their pay...

The troops will be stationed at venues across the capital and wear the same uniforms as civilian security staff. They are not expected to get Olympic bonuses...