Al-Sweady Inquiry to report

The long-running public inquiry into alleged abuse carried out by British soldiers in Iraq is about to report.

Claims that up to 20 Iraqis were killed and mutilated after the 2004 "Battle of Danny Boy" were withdrawn earlier this year for lack of evidence.

But the Al-Sweady Inquiry has been continuing to examine allegations that detainees captured at the time were mistreated.

The Ministry of Defence has accused the Iraqis of lying but has admitted some minor infractions took place.

The inquiry was set up in 2009 by then Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth.

BAFF would welcome the final disposal of unfounded allegations against British troops.

Other inquiries continue, including the IHAT investigations and the long-awaited Chilcot report.

The outcome of the Al-Sweady Inquiry is expected to stimulate further criticisms of the Strasbourg court and human rights "interference" with the armed forces. BAFF analysis will follow.


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