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Ark Royal sails up Clyde to take over as flagship

Ark Royal 10 Feb - (C) Inverclyde Now

AIRCRAFT carrier HMS Ark Royal sailed up the Firth of Clyde to prepare to take over as Royal Navy flagship.

The nation’s fleet flagship HMS Illustrious has entered an 18-month refit worth £40 million at Rosyth.

Her sister ship HMS Ark Royal is at Glen Mallen, Loch Long to take on armaments that will allow her to take up the role of the nation’s strike carrier, having recently completed an intensive six-week period of sea trials to assess the ship’s war fighting and disaster relief capabilities.

Later this year HMS Ark Royal will deploy on Exercise Auriga, working with Joint Force Harrier, Royal Navy helicopter squadrons and Royal Navy warships HMS Sutherland and HMS Liverpool plus the Royal Fleet Auxiliaries Wave Knight and Fort Victoria.

This major exercise will see the task group working with the American destroyer USS Barry, a French submarine and the United States Marine Corps, while ensuring that HMS Ark Royal remains at maximum readiness to deploy anywhere in the world at immediate notice.

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