Armed forces unhappy over kit, MoD survey finds

The Daily Telegraph reports (06 May 2010) that two out of three members of the Armed Forces believe they are not well equipped and just one in five believes morale is high, official research shows. The Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS) 2009 results are available to the general public on the DASA website.


A major Ministry of Defence survey of nearly 10,000 servicemen and women found only a third were happy with the standard and quantity of vehicles and other major equipment they are given.

More than half said the extra money they receive to compensate for the rigours of military life was not enough, and 13% of officers said they intended to quit before the end of their current engagement.

The newly published 2009 Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey found British servicemen and women were generally happier than in previous years but they continued to be concerned about pay, kit, morale and the quality of military accommodation.


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