(UPDATED) 'Army redundancies could be doubled'

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A leaked memo seen by the Daily Telegraph suggests that the number of Army redundancies in the next four years could be twice as many as previously expected. UPDATE: The "leaked memo" does not have the force of policy, but while described by the Ministry of Defence as "untrue" and "incorrect", the document is genuine. The MoD has now told the Mail that 'Beyond those already announced, there are no further Army reductions planned.' BAFF understands that further reductions have in fact become highly likely, but no final decision has yet been made as to their size and shape.

BBC News earlier reported that:

"More than twice as many soldiers could be made redundant in the next few years as had originally been estimated, a confidential army memo suggests

There could be 16,500 redundancies - up from the earlier estimate of about 7,000 - according to the document seen by the Daily Telegraph.

Those wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be exempt, according to the memo sent to commanders in Afghanistan.

The Army says the "size and shape" of the redundancies has yet to be decided.

When about 1,000 soldiers received redundancy notices earlier this year, wounded soldiers were not included.

But the leaked memo suggests they will not be exempt from a second tranche of redundancies, due as part of tens of thousands of job losses across the armed forces by April 2015.

The document is thought to have been authored by a junior officer.

The Telegraph reports that it has "been seen by soldiers serving on the front line in Afghanistan, who are outraged that they could be made redundant if they are wounded".

Following the leak, a Ministry of Defence statement said: "The Army is still considering the criteria including size and shape for Tranche 2 and any subsequent redundancy and nothing has yet been agreed."

Head of army planning Brig Richard Nugee said: "There is absolutely no plan to change our treatment of service personnel who are wounded, injured or sick.

"We have been clear throughout the redundancy and have made clear in the House of Commons that 'every case of wounded, injured or sick will be assessed individually. No-one will leave the armed forces through redundancy or otherwise until they have reached a point in their recovery where leaving the armed forces is the right decision, however long it takes'."

This comes as the government pledges to improve access to housing for ex-services personnel..."

BAFF footnote:  There is obviously a difference between "redundancies" and "job cuts" or "reduction", which includes the non-replacement of personnel leaving the service for reasons other than redundancy. Previous statements have indicated a total reduction by April 2015 of 7,000 Army personnel.