Army redundancy speeded up - now 20,000 down by 2018

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The army is to speed up its redundancy programme by axing 20,000 posts by 2018, two years earlier than expected.

 Following CGS's address yesterday to the IISS, the Guardian reports that:

The admission from General Sir Peter Wall, chief of the general staff, raises the prospect that more troops will face compulsory redundancy because the army will have less time to rely on "natural wastage".

In a speech in which he set out the challenges faced by the army, Wall conceded he could not guarantee the job cuts had come to an end, though he made clear the changes already demanded of the military were "challenging enough".

He admitted recent conflicts had raised "awkward legal, ethical, human rights issues and equipment issues" and that these had encouraged "an expectation ... that the sort of zero-risk culture that is understandably sought in other walks of society ought to be achievable in the battlefield".

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