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(UPDATED 11.08.2011) Army will not be called in says Met, and Downing Street leaves the decision to police

UPDATE: The Prime Minister stated in the emergency session of Parliament on Thursday 11 Aug that:

It is the government's responsibility to make sure that every future contingency is looked at, including whether there are tasks that the army could undertake that might free up more police for the front line.

Defence Management Journal previously reported that the Metropolitan Police had 'No plans' at that time to bring in the army over riots:

Police will continue in their attempts to control riots and are not considering using the military, it has been confirmed.

After violence in London and other cities broken out over successive nights, political figures and members of the public had called for army to be brought onto British streets.

But a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told there "are no plans for the army to get involved".

This followed comments from Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, who said he didn't think the situation was "anything close to that stage yet".

David Cameron has been urged by politicians like UKIP's Nigel Farage, and Labour's Khalid Mahmood to make decisions on bringing in the army.

Asked about the Prime Minister's stance on this, a Downing Street spokesman told it was "for the Met to decide" when it became appropriate to bring in the armed forces.

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