Sunday 5 December 2021

There is always help available, however difficult or urgent the problem.

For serving personnel, there are various people in your unit who can help you with an urgent problem. Depending on your branch of the service and where you are, sources of help can include your unit admin staff, your chain of command including the RN Division system, and your unit chaplain or padre.

Depending on the problem, some of the following specialised contacts may also be able to help. Most of them are available both to serving personnel and to veterans, as well as families.

Some help links on financial matters:

Some more help sources on mental health:

  • in England, veterans and their families in England can get specialist help from the NHS Op COURAGE service
  • in Wales, you can reach out to Veteran Therapists in each Local Health Board through Veteran NHS Wales
  • in Scotland, veterans can access veteran-led mental health and welfare support through Veterans First Point, part of NHS Scotland
  • in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Veterans’ Support Office links individual veterans, veterans’ groups, statutory and non-statutory bodies, and charities supporting veterans
  • anyone in the UK or overseas can also contact the Veterans’ Gateway helpline on 0808 802 1212, or visit the Veterans' Gateway website for advice and signposting to further support, including for families and the bereaved

Source: MoD 9/2021

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