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The Government believes that Britain must always be an active member of the global community, promoting our national interests while standing up for the values of freedom, fairness and responsibility. This means working as a constructive member of the United Nations, NATO and other multilateral organisations including the Commonwealth; working to promote stability and security; and pushing for reform of global institutions to ensure that they reflect the modern world.

•  We will take forward our shared resolve to safeguard the UK's national security and support our Armed Forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

•  We will push for peace in the Middle East, with a secure and universally recognised Israel living alongside a sovereign and viable Palestinian state.

•  We will work to establish a new 'special relationship' with India and seek closer engagement with China, while standing firm on human rights in all our bilateral relationships.

•  We will maintain a strong, close and frank relationship with the United States.

•  We want to strengthen the Commonwealth as a focus for promoting democratic values and development.

•  We will work to promote stability in the Western Balkans.

•  We will support concerted international efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

•  We support reform of the UN Security Council, including permanent seats for Japan, India, Germany, Brazil and African representation.

•  We will work to intensify our cultural, educational, commercial and diplomatic links with many nations beyond Europe and North America to strengthen the UK's relations with the fastest-growing areas of the world economy.

•  We will never condone the use of torture.