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Dannatt: Cuts inevitable in RAC, RA and RAF

The BBC reports (14 May 2010) that a former head of the army who now advises the Conservatives on defence has said there is scope for substantial cuts in equipment budgets.

General Sir Richard Dannatt said the UK had "too many" tanks, heavy artillery and fighter jets and denied culling them would hit "boots on the ground".

The new government is committed to maintaining defence spending this year but future big cuts are anticipated.

The Conservatives were critical of Labour's record on defence funding.

The new coalition government is expected to begin a strategic defence review in the next few months which will determine the shape and size of Britain's armed forces in the years to come.

It will be the first such comprehensive review of the UK's military priorities and needs since 1998.

Defence budgets will not be ring-fenced under the new Conservative-Lib Dem administration and some experts have said the Ministry of Defence's annual £35bn budget could fall by 15% by 2016 as ministers seek to accelerate plans to reduce the UK's record peacetime budget deficit.

Full BBC article: Ex-Army chief Dannatt says equipment cuts inevitableEx-Army chief Dannatt says equipment cuts inevitable

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