Defence Committee wants your input: Education of Service Personnel and Service Children

The Defence Committee has invited Service personnel and their families to take part in an on-line forum set up for you to contribute to its inquiries into the education of service personnel, and education for service children.

The National Audit Office is running two online surveys for the Committee.

The "education of service personnel" survey is for people currently in the Armed Forces as well as spouses, partners and family members of service personnel.

The "education for service children" survey is for members of the Armed Forces, or their spouses/partners, with children in (or previously in) education. See the link below for details of how service children can participate in the survey, depending on age.

The questionnaires are on their website at Current surveys: Consultations for the Defence Select Committee - National Audit Office until the end of February or you can get to them through the Committee's website at Defence Committee - UK Parliament.

More information is at Defence Committee - UK Parliament.

These inquiries are part of the Committee's work on "Armed Forces Covenant in Action" - recently described as the "fluffier" kind of issue which it gets involved with.

Service families

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