Development Secretary eyes savings from cancellation of aircraft carriers

(Daily Telegraph 12 Jul 2010) Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said that Britain would continue to fund and support the campaign for universal primary education around the world but that it could not increase its spending without saving elsewhere. He added that all governments should reassess their spending priorities and that if Britain were to modify its plans for two new aircraft carriers, it could single-handedly achieve the aim of 1GOAL.

His comments follow strong hints from Defence Secretary Liam Fox that he will seek to withdraw from the order for the “Cold War era” aircraft carriers in an attempt to plug a defence budget black hole. The cost of the project so far is £4.9 billion.

Mr Mitchell said Britain funded primary education for 4.8 million children in the UK and five million around the world but much more could be done “for the cost of the aircraft carriers”. “Achieving that goal for children everywhere to go to school is extremely important”.


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