The widow of a REME soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2008 has accused the Government of breaking its promise to British troops.


Diana Barnes, 27, whose husband Cpl Jason Barnes died helping a wounded comrade, accused David ­Cameron of failing in his pledge to enshrine the military covenant in law.

This is the understanding between the Armed Forces and the Government that troops will be looked after in return for risking their lives for Queen and country.

Last June the Prime Minister said: "It's time for us to rewrite the military covenant to make sure we are doing everything we can. Whether it's the schools you send your children to, whether it's the healthcare that you expect, whether it's the fact that there should be a decent military award for anyone injured.

"I want all these things refreshed and renewed and written down in a new military ­covenant that's written into the law of the land."

Instead of enshrining the covenant in law the Government has promised only to review it every year while the ­Strategic Defence and Security Review has imposed swingeing cutbacks across the armed forces, attacking what are seen as key ­elements of the ­covenant.