Former Navy chief in cuts warning

A 'decade of under-investment' has left the Royal Navy with a serious shortage of ships, according to the former First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Jock Slater. The former head of the Royal Navy said in an interview with BBC Radio Solent (06 July 2010) that any further cuts would lead to an "enormous strain" on the service.

As head of the navy between 1995 and 1998, Admiral Slater played a key role in the last strategic defence review which took place 12 years ago.

At the time he successfully argued the case for more than 30 frigates and destroyers, but it was a promise which was not to be kept, and in the years which have followed he said the Royal Navy has struggled to stay afloat financially.

It has been forced to retire ships early, cut back on maintenance, and do without many of the new ships it once expected to receive. ...

Royal Navy and Royal Marines

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