Fox: Strategic Defence and Security Review is under way

Defence Management Journal reports (13 May 2010) that Defence Secretary Liam Fox has used his first day in office to launch the long-awaited strategic defence and security review (SDSR).

Speaking to ITV News, Fox said that work had already begun on the review. The Conservatives approach to the review was set out in a feature article on before the election.

"We desperately need a defence review which is why it will begin immediately, it will begin today (12 May)," he said. "We now need to look at the threats that this country faces and to look at the threats of the future and try to shape our armed forces and our budgets to protect Britain not only today but from what might come out of the blue at us."

The Defence Secretary said that as well as conducting the review, his priority was to ensure troops in Afghanistan were well equipped.

"We're all concerned about the political excitement here but we have to remember that in Afghanistan our armed forces are involved in a very brutal and bloody war and we have to ensure that they have everything they need to do the job that we have asked them to do in our name," he said. "So the number one priority has to be to look after our armed forces," he said.

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