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'Homes of army chiefs in firing line for cuts'

Scotland on Sunday reports (18 Jul 2010) that top brass in the British armed forces may lose their official residences and domestic staff, following a review by defence secretary Liam Fox on the £2.6 million spent each year on housing 19 senior officers. The Strategic Defence and Security Review will scrutinise the accommodation, entertainment and travel costs of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force chiefs:

Fox said: "The country is facing extremely challenging financial times and the MoD is no exception.

"Travel by civilian and military staff has already been restricted to standard class and only essential journeys will be made, in line with cross-government policy.

"The Strategic Defence and Security Review, which began in May, includes a rigorous examination of civilian and military entitlements."

Official residences will be examined in a separate, value-for-money study. ...

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