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In just three months 750 British troops treated for mental trauma

from The Sunday Mirror - Exclusive by Kate Mansey 6/02/2010

Almost 750 servicemen and women have been diagnosed with Post ­Traumatic Stress Disorder in just three months, shocking figures show.

The leaked statistics reveal the mental toll ­suffered by our brave forces struggling to cope with the horrors of war in Afghanistan.

A Ministry of Defence document seen by the Sunday Mirror shows in just a three-month period last summer there were 746 new cases of PTSD and other mental illnesses diagnosed in the armed services.

And a further 312 were found to be ­suffering from other psychological problems, ­including depression, anxiety or alcohol and drug abuse – bringing the total of those treated for their war experiences to more than a thousand.

More than 200 of the new cases were those ­returning from Afghanistan, where Operation Panther’s Claw in Helmand saw the bloodiest push of the campaign there so far. ...

The figures also reveal female ­soldiers are more than twice as likely to suffer than men. ...

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