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Invitation to have your say on the Defence Reform Bill

Parliament has invited views in writing about the Government's new Defence Reform Bill. The Bill (a draft Act of Parliament) contains important proposals about defence procurement and about the reserve forces.

As with previous parliamentary exercises on matters affecting personnel, BAFF encourages individuals with relevant knowledge and expertise to respond constructively to Parliament's "call for evidence". We also welcome views - especially from our own members - to help us prepare this Federation's written evidence on your behalf.

The Defence Reform Bill is in three parts. Parts 1 and 2 are about defence procurement and acquisition. Part 3 contains four measures to strengthen and support the Reserve forces. These include re-naming the Territorial Army; expanding the powers to call out the Reserve Forces, introducing new financial incentives to the employers of Reservists and exempting Reservists from the statutory two-year qualifying period required to bring a unfair dismissal case to an Employment Tribunal.

On Tuesday 16 July the House of Commons debated the main principles of the Bill. The Bill has been sent to the House's Public Bill Committee for scrutiny.

The Public Bill Committee is now able to receive written evidence. The sooner you send in your submission, the more time the Committee will have to take it into consideration. The Committee is expected to meet for the first time on Tuesday 3 September; it will stop receiving written evidence not later than the end of the Committee stage on Thursday 24 October.

It must be stressed that the sooner you send in your submission, the more time the Committee will have to take it into consideration.

The same applies to sending your views to BAFF - as soon as possible please.

More information and links will be posted here shortly. A newsletter, which will also tell you about the forthcoming BAFF AGM, will also follow as soon as possible. To receive the newsletter you need to be registered on this site either as a BAFF Member or as a BAFF Military Supporter.

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