Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) and BAFF - update 15 Jan 2016

The BAFF media spokesman gave this comment as long ago as September, 2011 about the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) investigation:

“Obviously any allegations of misconduct against members of the Armed Forces need to be taken seriously and properly investigated.
"Our concern is that some of the allegations being investigated by IHAT have little or no evidential basis and that even if there were indications that something had occurred, it is now far too long after the events for there to be any realistic chance of a just resolution.
“What we cannot condone is a 'fishing expedition’ by IHAT in which service personnel are asked to inform on each other.
"BAFF takes the view that the work of IHAT should be reviewed by an outside authority, and that if it is determined that the investigations are unlikely to result in prosecutions, IHAT should be disbanded and a line drawn under its work.”

This comment, which followed the placing of notices in several service publications inviting personnel to pass reports on friends and colleagues to IHAT, was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph of 4 September, 2011: Iraq War probe asks soldiers to inform on each otherIraq War probe asks soldiers to inform on each other, by Sean Rayment.

BAFF is not among those calling for armed forces personnel to be exempt from all investigation, nor do we intend to add to the many myths on all sides of this issue.

But we are keeping an independent eye on developments, and we will do what we can to assist any current BAFF member with specific concerns or questions. (Membership costs £5 per year and is open to serving regulars, regulars and ex-service.) We are also working urgently to ensure that any necessary legal advice is available free of charge to any of our members affected by IHAT investigations - even in some circumstances not covered by the armed forces legal aid scheme (JSP 838).

Please use the site contact form to get in touch about this, selecting the 'IHAT' drop-down option after logging in as a current full member. More information will follow shortly. Any BAFF member who has been - or expects to be - approached by IHAT investigators is welcome to contact us now in confidence.


IHAT, Northmoor and related inquiries

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