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Kinloss personnel 'absolutely gutted' by RAF base closure

An unnamed Nimrod aircrew member stationed at RAF Kinloss said that he and colleagues felt "absolutely gutted" by the decision which had effectively closed their base. From Moray newspaper The Northern Scot:

The serviceman, a current Nimrod aircrew member, said: "One base going will be crippling, especially to Forres, but if both bases were to go that would be an absolute nightmare."

Community leaders and local business figures have described the bombshell as a devastating blow to the area which could rip the heart out of local communities.

The Nimrod airman, who could not be named, told 'The Scot' that families had been plunged into uncertainty overnight.

"Many personnel at Kinloss are embedded in the community and treat Moray not just as a place of work but their home. I don't want to move my wife and family away from the area," he said.

"I feel hugely disappointed both professionally and personally by the decision."

The Northern Scot, 22 Oct 2010:



Kinloss CO says 'thanks' after 'sad day' for baseKinloss CO says 'thanks' after 'sad day' for base
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