Legal and compliance information

The British Armed Forces Federation is legally constituted as BAFF (2006) Ltd, a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England No 59825. Its Registered Office is at 1st Floor, 11 Church St, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS.

'British Armed Forces Federation' ('BAFF') is the operating name of BAFF (2006) Ltd. By default the members of the Federation are also members of BAFF (2006) Ltd, although individual members can opt out of membership of the company if they wish.

The BAFF Constitution is embodied in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of BAFF (2006) Ltd, and was drawn up in the autumn of 2006 in consultation with 50 serving and ex-forces personnel.

Data Protection

BAFF is registered with the Information Commissioner as a data controller, under its Company name BAFF (2006) Ltd and the trading name 'British Armed Forces Federation'. Registration number Z9790689. Please see our Privacy, cookies and data protection policy for more about this.


For Companies Acts purposes, the Company is managed by a Board comprising the Company Directors.

Day-to-day activities are in the hands of an elected 15-person Executive Council which includes the Directors, and comprises serving Regular, serving Reserve Forces, and ex-service personnel from all three Services. The present Executive Council ranges in rank or former rank from Cpl (or equivalent) to Lt Col (or equivalent). Members of the Executive Council can be of any rank or former rank.

All full members of the Federation are entitled (but not required) to be members of the Company. All members of the Executive Council are entitled (but not required) to be Directors of the Company.

In accordance with the BAFF Constitution, the Executive Council can be assisted by a small number of co-opted "experts" who act in an advisory capacity without voting rights on the Executive Council. (There is at present one such expert, a veteran who is a retired nurse consultant and child protection specialist.) Co-opted "experts" would not include very senior officers, senior civil servants, media professionals, or people actively engaged in national politics.

At present, the Federation's ongoing daily work is carried out on an unpaid volunteer basis by members of the Executive Council, and by those of our general membership who take an active role in particular campaigns and initiatives.

Income, tax, and online payments

BAFF (2006) Ltd ("BAFF") is not a trading concern; it sells no goods or services. The only receipts are subscriptions (payments by members to a group comprising themselves), and donations which are applied towards expenses. BAFF neither charges nor receives any fee or charge relating to any matter. BAFF provides no goods or services which are subject to Value Added Tax, and is not registered for Valued Added Tax purposes. As a professional staff association which exists for the benefit of its members, BAFF is not a registered charity. Online payments are accepted in respect of membership subscriptions and small donations.

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Welcome to British Armed Forces Federation - BAFF - independent all-ranks staff association for members of any branch of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force, including the reserves. All current UK service personnel of any rank are eligible to join and, as BAFF is not a political organisation, to take an active part in its activities if they wish. Former regular or reserve forces personnel are also very welcome.