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Legal benefits for BAFF full members

BAFF has a new opportunity to extend the benefits and services available to its full members. Along with sensible effective representation, access to relevant benefits and services was one of the aims for which BAFF was set up by serving and veteran personnel.

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Any new services would be in addition to existing services, which as of Dec 2017 consist of:

These services, provided directly to the member by a firm of solicitors, remain available and are accessed by selecting the appropriate option in the BAFF contact form after logging in as a current subscribing member.

The BAFF Executive Council is now looking into extending legal advice and representation services to include:

  • RMP investigations
  • Courts martial proceedings
  • AWOL
  • Army disciplinary matters
  • Armed Forces service complaints
  • Inquests

The funding arrangements for such services would vary according to the availability of legal aid.

The basic pattern being envisaged is a free half hour for any BAFF member, followed by legal aid funding where available, and where not available, a reduced fee structure involving in effect a discount to the BAFF member.

We realise that the above services would for the most part be primarily for the benefit of serving personnel or those recently retired. We think that's about right, but would consider introducing other services of equal benefit to ex-service members if and when we can, such as a free will service.

We would very much welcome any comments and questions on these proposals from BAFF members. Please use the site contact form, or comment publicly on our Facebook page.

This info is provided for members' information on the current state of play, and will not form the basis of any contract. Our terms and conditions will be updated as necessary.


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