Liam Fox: UK taking ‘unfair hit’ in Afghan war

Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox says our allies should fight or fund more of the war

From The Sunday Times, January 31, 2010, by Jonathan Oliver and Isabel Oakeshott

LIAM FOX, the shadow defence secretary, suggested German money should subsidise British forces in Afghanistan, as he called for reform of the 60-year-old Nato military alliance.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Fox claimed it was unfair that the countries doing most of the fighting were also footing the largest bills.

“Our forces are taking a disproportionate share of casualties and our taxpayers are also taking a disproportionate financial burden,” he said. “Some countries neither want to fight nor fund.”

Fox said Nato needed to be reformed so members such as Germany with few troops on the front line would be forced to make cash payments to the states bearing the brunt of the the fighting.

He revealed that he planned to work closely with France, a country which also bears a heavy fighting burden, to grasp the “Nato nettle”.

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