Member Area Help and Rules

in development Aug 2011]

Rules and guidance for usage of the Members Area of the BAFF website

  1. The main purpose of the Members Area is to improve communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst the Federation's members.
  2. The Members Area is mainly for full subscribing members, but limited content will also be available to BAFF Military Supporters who have registered on the site. By visiting any part of the members area you consent to be bound by these rules.
  3. The Members Area is organised in Groups. Each Group has its own Forum, along with other functions such as Events. Each Group has its own access settings.
  4. Unless clearly published to the general public, every Group and Forum is private and confidential to registered Members and Supporters of the British Armed Forces Federation.
  5. Political correctness is not required, but all users are asked to show normal courtesy to other users of any Group and Forum, bearng in mind that by definition they are current or former members of HM Armed Forces.
  6. Forum posts should not to be used to pursue a personal grievance, whether against the chain of command, BAFF, or anyone else. BAFF operates a troubleshooter scheme to resolve internal grievances or complaints.
  7. Please try to avoid writing replies which say "Never mind about X, what are you doing about Y?" Instead, start a new topic about Y if you think it merits attention. We do know there is a lot more needing to be done.
  8. Please try to avoid posting oother sites comments like "BAFF does have a new forum but there isn't much happening. Firstly this forum isn't trying to replace ARRSE etc. Secondly, saying there isnt much happening is a self-fulfilling way of putting potential users off.
  9. The main requirement is common sense.


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