The MoD's procurement arm is delaying all new infrastructure contract awards pending a spending review. Some contractors fear that the whole programme has slipped by at least a year.

The holdup appears likely to affect single and family service accommodation projects, amongst others. The impact on personnel and families being relocated from Germany or within the United Kingdom is not yet clear.


While much service single and family accommodation is good, the National Audit Office reported in 2009 that a third of military families felt they were in substandard accommodation that was dirty and badly maintained.

The new Defence Infrastructure Organisation had been due to award the following "Next Generation Estate Contracts":

  • Four Regional Prime contracts delivering routine maintenance services
  • A number of regional Core Works Frameworks delivering construction projects, with the possibility of additional Functional Frameworks for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and airfield pavements
  • A single UK-wide National Housing Prime contract delivering housing maintenance services across the UK
  • A single UK-wide National Training Estate Prime contract delivering range technical support, facilities management, and training range booking services