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MoD statement on the Strategic Review of the Reserves

Following the statement by the Minister for the Armed Forces in the House of Commons on 28 April, 2009, the Ministry of Defence has released the following which includes links to the relevant documents:

A Strategic Review of the UK's Reserve Forces, which has looked at how the Reserves can be better organised, trained, equipped and supported, has been published today, Tuesday 28 April 2009. The review was launched in April 2008 to reflect the changing demands faced by our reservists in recent years.

As well as preparing to defend the country in the event of a major conflict, reservists are now required to work as an integral part of the UK's military force on operations and many have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq with 2,000 currently serving in these theatres in roles varying from fighting on the front line to medical support.

The review, which has been the first ever focused specifically on UK Reserves, produced seven central findings, including improving training, creating clearer command structures and increasing the use of individual reservists' skills. These seven recommendations break down into 80 more detailed recommendations.

The Government has accepted all seven of the recommendations, around half of which are being implemented immediately with work underway to address the others.

For more details:

MOD News item (includes MinAF's statement):

The Review Documents (summary report, full report, presentation):

MOD public factsheet on reserves:

This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy at:

From the review documents ( :

A number of posts within TA signals units were formed to operate equipment that has now become obsolete. These posts will now be removed and include Headquarters 12 Signals Group and 33, 34 and 35 Signals Regiments. It makes sense to reallocate resources from these posts to higher defence priorities. This decision has not been taken lightly and we are very aware of the exceptional contribution made by the Royal Signals within the TA.

"Where possible those affected by this decision will be offered other opportunities within the TA, and we will be conducting further work to decide the most effective configuration for the TA Royal Signals. This decision was arrived at separately from the Reserves Review, but is entirely consistent with it.


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