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New Armed Forces Act brought into force 31 October 2009

The new tri-service Armed Forces Act 2006 came into force on Friday 31 October. A BAFF spokesman discussed the changes on BFBS Forces Radio.

New Armed Forces Act 2006 Comes Into Force Tomorrow 31 October 2009

Date: 29 Oct 2009 - 15:43

Source: Ministry Of Defence

The MoD has today announced that the Armed Forces Act 2006 will come into force on 31 October 2009 to replace the current single Service Discipline Acts.

Minister for Veterans and Under Secretary of State for Defence, Kevan Jones said:

This legislation establishes a single system of Service law across the three Services. It also preserves the important principle of a separate Service justice system, reflecting the particular circumstances of the Armed Forces, and keeps the commanding officer at the heart of Service discipline. It promotes greater fairness, which in turn supports operational effectiveness.

The new single, harmonised and modernised system of Service law will apply to the personnel of all three Services wherever they are serving. It will also apply to some civilians who are posted overseas.

Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup said:

“The need for a Service Justice System is fundamental to the continued effectiveness of the Armed Forces across the wide range of environments and situations in which they serve. Tri-Service legislation on discipline will ensure that the same basic rights and procedures apply to all members of the Armed forces accused of misconduct.”

The main aim of the 2006 Act is to support operational effectiveness, through:

• the establishment of a single system of Service law

• a common range of offences capable of being heard summarily by commanding officers

• a single Court Martial system, including the establishment of a Service Prosecuting Authority

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