New benefit for BAFF members - 'pro bono' Court Martial representation

British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF) has introduced a new benefit (March 2016) for its full subscribing members: "pro bono" representation, at no cost to the client, for anyone charged with an offence likely to be dealt with at Court Martial.

This new service is provided by an established firm of solicitors with court martial experience. Representation is provided at no cost to the client, with the assistance of service legal aid where available.

Private and confidential

The service provided is absolutely private and confidential between the client and the solicitors. Please note, to make initial communication with the solicitor you must use our site contact form while logged-in as a BAFF member with an up-to-date subscription, but your contact form will not be copied to BAFF or retained on our web server.

The solicitor will then communicate with the member direct. No individual member accessing the service will be personally identifiable by anyone in BAFF, even in confidence, unless you tell us about it yourself. The detailed terms of engagement will be as supplied by the solicitors to the client in writing.

How to access this exclusive benefit for BAFF full members

Log in first, then use the Contact form in the top menu, then for 'Department' select the 'Legal assistance with Court Martial or IHAT' option. You will only see that option once you have logged in as a current full BAFF member.

If you aren't already a full BAFF member, join now, you will see that the cost is small compared to most subscriptions. If you are already a BAFF military supporters, you would need to upgrade to full membership.

We hope you aren't ever faced with Court Martial proceedings but if you are, this is a great way to get the legal advice and representation you need.

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