OPSEC & PERSEC on social networking sites such as Facebook

Members of the armed forces are normally permitted to use social networking sites such as Facebook, but are reminded to protect OPSEC and PERSEC, including family information.

Always observe security instructions and seek security advice, if in doubt.

There has been concern recently about a new Facebook feature, Facebook Places. It allows users to publish not only their own location, but also that of their friends. An MoD advisory document about the potential threat has been circulated to military and civilian personnel. It provided step-by-step instructions on how to disable Facebook Places using privacy settings. To complete the lockdown, you need to disable four separate data-sharing features. MoD Advisory - Facebook 'Places I checked into' application.

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Our own website baff.org.uk is NOT a social networking site. BAFF does NOT use any kind of geo-location application on our website. Everything, including our anonymous registration system, has been designed with the user's privacy and security in mind. BAFF privacy and data protection statement.

The 'Support the British Armed Forces Federation' group is only one of a large number of FB groups connected with HM Armed Forces, including some which are officially sponsored by the Ministry of Defence. Membership of the BAFF support group on Fecebook is open and not restricted to armed forces personnel and/or veterans.

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