PatchPedia launched on RearParty

RearParty, the unofficial website for British military forces family and friends, has launched a new project to provide information for service families: PatchPedia

From the initial info from RearParty about this great initiative:

We've all had the pain of moving and having limited, out of date and diverse information available.

What are the quarters like in Blogs Street? Where are the nearest primary schools and what are they like? How far is the nearest supermarket? What are the key contact details for the military support organisations in the area?

The PatchPedia is a wiki - it can be edited by all. Read what others have written then help others in turn by writing about the ares that you know. Correct areas, update information, add your knowledge. Where do you walk the dog? Where the best place for a good, cheap haircut?

Under Development

The PatchPedia is very very new. It's birthday was 17 March 2010 in fact so there's lot's to do!

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