Sunday, August 01, 2021

Postal votes have begun to be delivered to those voters who applied for them. The paperwork is not difficult but, because of the nature of postal voting, there is inevitably more to it than voting in person at the polling station. Election officials may have to return some votes because of errors.

If you are a postal voter please read the instructions, and take care completing the paperwork. A common mistake in previous votes has been to mix up the "date of signature" and "date of birth" boxes.

If you do make a mistake it may be possible to re-issue your postal ballot pack, but only if the spoiled set of papers has been returned to the address stated. There may not be time for this if, for example, you are voting from overseas. So please check the paperwork carefully, and post your completed vote as soon as possible.

If you don't receive your postal ballot pack, or if you have any other problems with your postal vote, you must contact your Returning Officer's staff without delay.