Problems getting back in to your BAFF membership account?

Lost username and/or password?

Not a problem if you still have the same email address. CLICK HERE for 'Forgot Login'.

Registered BAFF member or supporter but no longer have access to your registered email account?

Log in with your username and password, then edit your profile to change your email address.

In case of difficulty, let us know using the site contact form - if possible, log in first so we know it's you.

Lost username and/or password and no longer have access to your registered email account?

This is slightly more complicated. If you are a registered supporter but not a full member with a current paid subscription, it may be easiest to register again, which only takes a couple of minutes. We'll eventually pick up that email to your old email address has bounced, and we'll delete that account.

But it you already have an unexpired paid subscription, or if for any other reason you want to keep your original BAFF registration, please get in touch using the site contact form.