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Redundancy: Tranche 3 DIB issued - DIN out 22 Jan

The Defence Internal Brief about the forthcoming Tranche 3 announcement has now been released. The DIB confirms the information reported by the Sunday Telegraph and repeated by BAFF last month. Look out for the Tranche 3 DIN to be published on Tuesday, 22 Jan. The window for applications for redundancy will open on 22 Jan 13 and close on 12 Mar 13.

Defence Internal Brief 15 Jan 13

ISSUE: Armed Forces Redundancy Programme – Forthcoming Tranche 3 Announcement
AUDIENCE: All Service Personnel and Civilian Reporting Officers
TIMING: Immediate
ACTION: To be briefed for Information Only

• The fields for Tranche 3 of the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme for the Army will be announced on 22 Jan 13 in a DIN aimed at Army personnel.
• The window for applications for compulsory redundancy will open on 22 Jan 13 and close on 12 Mar 13.
• Notification of selection will be made to individuals on 18 Jun 13.
• There is no requirement for redundancies from the RN and RAF in Tranche 3.
• There may be a need for a further tranche for Army personnel at a later date and this may include a small number of medical1 personnel from the RN and RAF.

1. On 22 Jan 13 the Army will publish a DIN detailing the arrangements for Tranche 3 of the Armed Forces Redundancy Programme.
2. The DIN will include details of the fields from which selection will be made and therefore applicants for consideration will be sought. Eligible personnel will have until 12 Mar 13 to submit applications.
3. Notifications of redundancy will be issued on 18 Jun 13, from when applicants who are selected will serve up to 6-months’ notice before leaving the Armed Forces, and non-applicants up to 12-months’ notice. Anyone who wishes to leave earlier may apply to do so.
1 Includes dental and medical personnel.
4. There may be a requirement for further redundancies for the Army and there may be a requirement for a small number of redundancies for medical personnel from the RAF and RN as the outcome of the Defence Medical Services 20 (DMS20) project is implemented.

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