Return of the Brown Envelope: Manning Control reintroduced

The Ministry of Defence announced in Mar 2010 that in order to be better balanced to meet the challenges of current operations, the Army is making adjustments to its structures which is likely to result in some soldiers having to leave the Army through what are known as Manning Control Points. Between 300 and 500 soldiers are likely to be discharged against their will in financial year 2011-2012. UPDATE Sep 2010: See also Return of the brown envelope part 2: 'War heroes to be axed in army cull'.

As Douglas Young made clear in a BBC interview on 23 March, BAFF does not object to the stated aims of the policy as set out by the MoD, but  says there is a need for independent monitoring of the policy's implementation and advocacy of those affected, as Manning Control has a distinctly murky history. See "What happened last time round" below.

Manning control is a policy used by the army to dismiss soldiers who are considered to be 'not fit for a full army career' and to make space for new recruits. All soldiers can be reviewed after 6, 9, and 12 years in the Army and dismissed if considered surplus to requirements and a posting to another unit was not possible.

What happened last time round

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