'Royal Navy shouldn't fear Army general chief'

According to a 17 Jul 2010 report in Portsmouth Today, a former admiral says the Royal Navy and Portsmouth Naval Base has "nothing to fear" from an Army general taking over as chief of the defence staff:

General Sir David Richards will become Britain's most senior military figure in October when Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup steps down.

His appointment has been seen as recognition of the government's priority of achieving a successful outcome in Afghanistan, prompting some defence experts to call for greater resources for the British Army.

But ex-Rear Admiral Chris Parry says the appointment of an Army general to the top military post won't be bad news for the Royal Navy or Portsmouth Naval Base.

He said: 'The Royal Navy won't have anything to fear from Sir David.

'They should welcome him as he's got good experience of joint operations, he supports the carriers and he's very balanced.

'He's a very out of the box thinker and he won't worry about telling politicians the truth.' ...

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