Service family accommodation: rising maintenance complaints, 13% fail decent homes standard

Satisfaction with the standard of service accommodation has dropped to 50%, its lowest level for years. Less than a third (32%) of service personnel living in SFA were satisfied with maintenance response times, and only 29% were satisfied with maintenance quality.

And an official survey in April for the MoD in April found that 13% of service family homes - about one eighth of the total - failed to meet its "decent homes" standard. 

These figures emerge from a special report by the National Audit Office for today's session of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee's ongoing inquiry into Service Family Accommodation. The Committee heard evidence from the three Service family Federations, as well as representatives of the MoD and the main service providers, Carillion.

Conservative member Anne-Marie Trevelyan MPAnne-Marie Trevelyan MP told the Committee that she had received complaints from more than 1,000 service families about delays and the quality of maintenance of their accommodation, and that she knew of several forces personnel who had left the armed forces because of the lack of decent accommodation for their families.

The MoD fared better on value for money of the service family accommodation provided, with 63% being satisfied with value for money of what they are paying for their SFA.

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