SSAFA report: The 'forgotten generation' of working age veterans

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has published a new research report which shines a rare spotlight on the everyday issues facing younger veterans. The report, entitled "The New Frontline", says that a "forgotten generation" of working age veterans, who have approached SSAFA for help, is surviving on an average annual income of just £13,800. Suffering from long-term physical and mental health problems, some of them say they feel let down by their country.

There are 900,000 veterans aged 16-64, according to the Ministry of Defence’s 2014 survey of the veteran population.

SSAFA rightly stresses that most of these ex-servicemen and women successfully make the transition to civilian life. They don't need support and will never have to call on a charity for help.

However, for some the transition is a lot harder, and it is amongst this section of the community that SSAFA does much of its work.