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T2 redundancy announcements 17 Jan 2012

For those with DII access the relevant documents issued today include:

Royal Navy:

2012DIN01-020 Naval Service Redundancy Programme – Policy


2012DIN01-017 - Army Compulsory Redundancy DIN Tranche 2

Royal Air Force:

2012DIN01-022 - Royal Air Force Redundancy Programme

Based on initial announcements, redundancy fields include:

Naval Service:

Approximately 5 Commodores

Approximately 17 Captains

Approximately 19 Royal Marine officers at Lt Col, Col and Brigadier

No Royal Marine other ranks

Approximately 80 Fleet Air Arm


Approximately 400 Gurkhas with over 6 years service

Approximately 500 infantry privates with over 6 years service

Approximately 8 Brigadiers

Approximately 60 Lieutenant Colonels


No trained pilots at ranks below Group Captain

No trainee pilots

Up to 15 Air Commodores

Up to 30 Group Captains

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