The Sun: 'Troops to get trauma help'

The Sun reports (07 Jun 2010) that David Cameron has ordered plans to be drawn up to ensure better care for ex-troops traumatised by war:

A proposed service would track down veterans plagued by mental health issues. And a lifelong screening process would catch those with problems as they leave the Forces.

The decision is a long-fought victory for The Sun's campaign to get more help for troubled troops.

Charities have warned of a ticking timebomb as tens of thousands of servicemen and women struggle with tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now the PM has asked Tory MP and Royal Navy doctor Andrew Murrison to create the blueprint.

Mr Murrison told The Sun last night: "We have a duty to ensure that people damaged by their service are restored to full health."

He said the proposed safety net would "ensure nobody is left behind ever again".

As many as one in five British service personnel are estimated to be suffering from some form of mental health problem - from mild alcoholism to deep depression. A staggering 20,000 ex-servicemen are in prison or on probation in Britain - one in ten of the jail population.

The number is up by almost a third in the last five years.

Full article, by Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor: Troops to get trauma help

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