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UK Border Agency 'is ignoring own guidance on Commonwealth soldiers'

Channel 4 News has obtained a UK Border Agency letter stating - contrary to the Agency's actions in the case of L/Cpl Baleiwai - that Foreign & Commonwealth soldiers disciplined by the army without court martial, should not be considered for deportation.

 From C4 News:

The news was today welcomed by L Cpl Isimeli "Bale" Baleiwai, who last month, Channel 4 News revealed, had been rejected British citizenship after risking his life for the British Army for 13 years during five operational tours in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was rejected because of a disciplinary offence against his military record. Unbeknown to him, the offence equated to a criminal offence under an amendment last year to immigration law.

His commanding officer dealt with the issue in a summary hearing and fined him £1,000. There was no jury, no defence, no witnesses and vitally no court martial. ...

Everything we have seen of this case suggests that it is NOT 'playing the race card'.

If you have not already signed both the online petitions about L/Cpl Baleiwai's case, please consider doing so now.

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