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BAFF exists for its members, and every BAFF member is welcome to submit contributions to this website or our newletter.

Registered members can submit contributions online, or by email. Relevant guest contributions can also be considered.

Submitted articles will normally be published in the "Viewpoints" category, to show that opinions expressed are not necessarily those of BAFF.

Guest articles can be published in the "Forces Personnel News" category, if they relate to a relevant current news item, provided any comment is consistent with BAFF policies.

For most subjects the ideal length of article is around 300-500 words.

Alternatively, documents such as research papers can be submitted in pdf format to be made available as a document download.

Contributions must be the contributor's original work and we normally ask that they have not been published previously elsewhere.

Registered members can publish under their ARRSE username or their real name. Members known to us can alternatively use a generic anonymous name such as "BAFF Member" or "REME NCO". Contributions from non-members would be published under their real name with a short bio.

Quotes from other sources should be short and accompanied with relevant links.

Articles can be submitted either online or by email, with your contribution attached as a Word file with hotlinks.

All contributions are subject to minor editing at the BAFF editor's discretion in consultation with the contributor, but the contributor remains responsible for what they have submitted.

Please contact us using the site contact form if you would like more information or more detailed guidelines, or if you would like to discuss an article idea.

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