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Your experiences of people wearing medals to which they are not entitled?

On Friday 25 November at approximately 9.30am, the Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill will be debated in the House of Commons.

Gareth Johnson MP, who has proposed this Bill asked for the help of the Army Rumour Service to help make this Bill pass its Second Reading and progress through Parliament. BAFF has not stated a view on the Bill, but is passing on Mr Johnson's call for the information of interested members.

Gareth Johnson would like to hear your experiences of encountering people who are wearing awards for valour with the intention to deceive. You can share these stories in this forum or contact him directly through the link below. Your comments will help inform the debate in the House of Commons.

You can also share your experiences with your MP and encourage them to attend the debate.

The Defence Committee will be publishing its inquiry report - "Exposing Walter Mitty: The Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill" - on Tuesday 22 November at 00.01am.

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