Thursday, June 13, 2024

This is an ARCHIVED article at Information and links may well be out of date.

Following the 2005 General Election,  Silence in the Ranks identified "the UK's tight electoral timetable" as an important factor in the effective disenfranchisement of many members of the armed forces community, whether their postal votes failed to arrive in time or whether they did not even attempt to vote, out of lack of confdence in the system.

The timetable for general elections to the Westminster parliament was then increased by a couple of days, with polling day being on the 17th day after the formal announcement of the election.

All other UK elections have a longer timetable than the 17 days for the Westminster parliament.

There is considerable BAFF interest, therefore, in the Government's announcement of draft legislation which would, amongst other things, extend from 17 to 25 days for UK parliamentary general elections, and similarly extend the timetable for UK parliamentary by-elections.