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Getting in touch with BAFF

These are the main options for making initial contact. Usually the fastest method is to use the online contact form. Media representatives please see Information for Media.

1. Use our web contact form

Click here for the contact form. If registered on the site, log in first before clicking the link.

2. Email us

All email addresses ending with "" were discontinued. Other email addresses remain in use, but the contact form is available for initial contact.

2. Write to us

The postal address (our registered office address at which BAFF volunteers are not normally present) is:

1st Floor
11 Church St
SN12 6LS

Personal enquiries from individuals

Due to limited resources and the rising number of questions from non-member individuals, the Executive Council has agreed that attention is to be prioritised on full subscribing members.

Individual welfare questions from people who are not registered BAFF Members (priority) or Supporters (low priority) can no longer be attended to.

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