Independent all-ranks staff association for regular, reserve and veteran UK armed forces personnel

Terms and conditions of registration

Free registration as a BAFF Military Supporter or BAFF Civilian Supporter indicates support for the general aims of BAFF in seeking to develop responsible representation for armed forces personnel.

Full BAFF membership similarly shows support for those aims, and is also governed by the BAFF Constitution and any rules approved and published under the Constitution from time to time - download current edition of Constitution here.

Your username entered by you at registration can be based on your real name, but does not have to be, as long as it is not misleading.

Your email address entered by you at registration must be a real email address regularly checked by you. It can be your main or work email address, but does not have to be.

More about usernames and email addresses: About online registration

All other information entered by you at registration is "anonymised" and cannot be used to identify you individually, but must be accurate.

We will also require all full members at some stage to submit a short membership application form, which can be submitted online, by email or by post. Your completed form will contain some personally identifiable detail such as service number and postal address. None of the data supplied in your membership application form is retained online.

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Welcome to British Armed Forces Federation - BAFF - independent all-ranks staff association for members of any branch of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force, including the reserves. All current UK service personnel of any rank are eligible to join and, as BAFF is not a political organisation, to take an active part in its activities if they wish. Former regular or reserve forces personnel are also very welcome.