Saturday 28 May 2022

BAFF always seeks to develop the range of benefits available to our full members, but such services are provided directly to the member by the service provider concerned. BAFF does not itself provide any services as such.

Advice and support may be provided by our volunteers to the best of their ability but not as a service. Where such volunteers happen to have professional experience or qualifications they are not acting in that capacity and their support should never be treated as professional advice.

BAFF membership benefits may include the availability of various kinds of legal services provided by professional firms. Previously registered for the provision of claims management services, BAFF does not currently operate such a service, but may provide the means for members to be able to engage claims services directly.

The decision whether to engage any particular professional firm or other service provider is entirely a matter for the individual member. Where any particular professional firm or other service provider is mentioned by BAFF volunteers in the course of communication with members, or where a link is provided on our website, the decision whether to engage any service provider is still a matter for the member and any contract will be between the member and provider.

Any benefit scheme can be withdrawn or modified by BAFF or the provider at any time without prior notice.

BAFF is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. Unless the member shares (or authorises the service provider to share) information with BAFF, the member's communications with outside service providers will be entirely confidential between the member and the service provider. BAFF will not seek information relating to service users other than basic statistical information which is not personally identifiable or, exceptionally, such minimal information as appears necessary in order to prevent or discourage fraud or other misuse of the service. All communication in connection with any professional services will in any event be subject always to the provider's professional obligations as well as BAFF's Privacy policy.