Armed forces compensations scheme – a soldier's view

Adam Downey was a signaller with the Royal Corps of Signals when he was hit by a car in Afghanistan at 19. He says changes to the AFCS would make a "massive difference" to his life

from an article in The Guardian

In June 2008, I was medically discharged from the army. So far, I have received a pretty crap number – £10,000 for three injuries, speech-processing difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder and skull lacerations. I knew straight away that [amount] wasn't fair. I work as a door supervisor on weekends but I can't work full-time.

I've been told by the Royal British Legion that I should receive around £100,000 under the new scheme. I feel great, a bit happier now, and I seem to be getting more of a fair amount. This should have been done straight away. It will make a massive difference but until I actually see it on paper I am not going to get my hopes up.


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