Sunday, August 01, 2021

This year's Continuous Attitude Survey was published some days ago, but due to competing armed forces stories has received unusually little media attention. BritishForcesNews reported on the same day as the report was made available on this website for logged-in BAFF Members and BAFF Military Supporters. Now today's Mirror has a story about the survey.

A BAFF spokesman was asked about morale in three recent radio interviews about the tranche 1 redundancy notifications. Talk of "low morale" in the armed forces can be easily misunderstood, so our man made it clear that people generally were "not going about with long faces", and that service personnel were getting on with their jobs as they always do. But

no-one should be surprised that the survey shows morale to have dropped.

There have been reductions in levels of satisfaction with Service life in general and with morale, compared with 2010. Satisfaction among Officers has dropped more than among Other Ranks.

Data collection took place from February to May 2011. BAFF believes that if a similar survey was to be carried out now, it would show morale and satisfaction levels to have fallen further since the time of the survey.